Eclipse Florence Day

Last week-end I was at the Eclipse Florence Day.

The experience was amazing for different reasons. The city is astonishingly beatiful and the level of the people presenting was incredibly high (except for me).

For example Lars Vogel was present as well as Ed Merks, Sven Efftinge, Tom Schindl and Eike Stepper. The possibility to meet those gurus was invaluable. There was also people from Italian universites (Politecnico di Milano, Università di Torino) and from interesting companies (Jaspersoft and my favourite one: Itemis).

At the end of the conference the speakers were invited for a drink in the Belvedere from which we had a nice sight of Florence.

I was there to present some results about a survey we performed to evaluate the usage of modeling techniques and Model-driven development in Italy. We chose this venue because the importance of Modeling for the Eclipse Community is high and increasing and because the Eclipse Modeling is the platform of choice for many MDD practicioners thanks to the plethora of technologies built around EMF (Xtext, GMF, CDO and many others). Slides are available at Slideshare:
Eclipse Florence Day: Modeling in the Italian Industry


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